UnifiedVU shows all of your data and functionality from sales, marketing, finance and customer support in one screen.

The Old Way, The UnifiedVU Way

Andrew's losing hair, when he shouldn't be

"I login to Xero to check overdue invoices. Then I login to Zendesk to see if we had any tickets related to that customer which may indicate why the payment is delayed. And then I login to Pipedrive to find their details so I can call them to pay us. I repeat the same for the next customer, and the customer after and so on"

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Andrew Threlfall Malinko
Xero Unified view

Here's how we save Andrew £700 a month

Andrew now logs in to UnifiedVU first thing in the morning. Xero Debtor Analysis shows the overdue invoices. Andrew selects an invoice and adjacent apps immediately display unsolved issues on Zendesk and who to call on Pipedrive. All in one screen. Andrew can now use the time saved to focus on growth of his business.

What every Business has been waiting for

One screen to bring everything together and streamline your business operations

SINGLE CUSTOMER VIEW (All your customer data on one screen)

We unify your sales, marketing, finance and customer support applications into one screen designed to help you grow revenue and manage costs


We recommend 30-minute DEMO before starting the free TRIAL. This will give us an opportunity to understand the software systems you use, the problems associated with them, and how best to solve those through UnifiedVU Platform.


For Sales Teams, Account Managers, Financial Teams,

Customer Support Teams and Senior Managers


Customer records in your marketing, sales, finance and support all unified in real-time on one intuitive view, saving you hours of chasing information from multiple systems and departments.


Identify the reasons why a customer has delayed payment, before you phone them, by unifying debtor analysis with customer support and sales. This simple process can help with your upselling.

Sales Pipeline View


Highly visual and dynamic Sales Pipeline Views, as many as you require, over any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Adopt similar pipeline views from fund raising to recruitment.

Customer Due Diligence


Use the Companies House App to check the financial health of UK businesses, so that the chance of unpaid invoices reduces. Use FullContact App to verify email addresses and obtain social profiles.

Unified Communications


Bring all your communications channels from Twitter to Zendesk into one place, so that you can close sales faster whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

Unified Task View


Unify tasks from sales, operational and product development into one screen.


Start with Essential Plan - add more employees as you experience value.

Upgrade to Professional Plan - roll out to the whole organisation.

Cancel anytime, if you are not happy.

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About Us

Manchester, UK based UnifiedVU is on a mission to change how business software is used forever.

Most software applications have three core elements; data, functionality and a user interface. Due to the proliferation of business software, businesses today are using a large number of software systems to gain a competitive advantage. At the same time, we tend to consume about 5% of a software application's functionality. Our mission is to re-create a user interface for you and bring everything that matters to you together (the 5%s), just the way you want.

Immediate benefits include removing revenue blockers and closing sales faster to overall workforce productivity boost.

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