When you bring a new technology to market, there is no one better to use it first than yourself. This is typically known within the techstartup community as “eating your own dog food”.

So we started to re-skin CapsuleCRM first as we did not like the user interface it provided for managing your sales pipeline. And now we can see our pipeline the way we like which allow us to focus on what matters most, allowing us to close sales faster.



Next, we built a Contacts App, which forms part of our Single Customer View. At present, it unifies with Xero and MailChimp. It will also work with the Zendesk App when completed. Today, many companies use a large number of software systems. Your customer records now exist within all these systems, and it’s difficult to establish single truth of your customer across all your systems. We intend to crack the holly grail of Single Customer View for once and for all. This is just the start.



When you deal with prospects, customers, suppliers and generally stakeholders, you need to have some intelligence of their status. We made the process easy by bringing company records from Companies House.



As a prolific twitter user, I was frustrated of not being able to see my previous conversations with a contact. Now I can select the contact on CapsuleCRM and immediately see all the conversations I had with him or her, all in one place.



We don’t want to stop here. So what’s next? I’m thinking of a timeline view next. If any of above is of any interest, do reach out..

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  • 121prodata

    Hi Manoj – this looks great – and I will likely adopt UnifiedVU. A question – could you provide customer access (so data subjects can update their data and preferences in a dashboard), with EU GDPR on its way – or would this need to be a job for CapsuleCRM?

    • That’s an awesome idea. Yes we can provide this. I’ve just emailed the workflow.