We’ve gone through many months without been able to tell a convincing story. Our story in essence was that we are commercialising a new and novel technology framework by productising it. Doing so, we were breaking new grounds and creating a new technology category. And it was hard to decide what to call this category. Our minds changed regularly from calling it in early days the world’s first User Experience (UX) Platform and then an Employee Productivity Platform to many more.


None of these resonated well with our target audience. They understood the value of our solutions after explaining and demonstrating but yet could not immediately see how they could be adopted within their respective businesses. Our starting point was selling a blank canvas, which could be adopted to almost any workflow. It streamlined these workflows like no other. But this was not sufficient.

clint wilsonSince then with a bit of help from my friend Clint Wilson, Founder and CEO of Cazoomi and taking our many customer development meetings into consideration, we changed our story. In fact, what we settled down to was nothing new. It was in fact where we started many months ago. But with Clint’s help, we brought few new words which we have not used before.

So today, we are still doing what we were doing before, i.e. productising a new and novel technology framework. But we no longer need to tell our story from there. Instead we start from what we deliver, which can be used by our target audience immediately. So you may wonder what the new story is.

We, UnifiedVU is in the business of delivering Customer 360º View or otherwise known as Single Customer View. Unlike in the past, we now have competitors to compare with. We no longer need to create a category. Suddenly, our story starts to make sense. Its something our target audience can understand. Its a problem they are familiar with. Its something they are willing to pay for.

This by no way changes our mission, which is to increase employee productivity and become a leader in the respective category. But for the stage of growth we are in, it makes perfect sense.

If you are part of a tech startup, we love to hear how you changed your story to reach problem solution fit stage.

Image credits: filmefuerdieerde.org

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