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Exactly 12 months ago, my previous tech startup, edocr.com which I bootstrapped for nearly 8 years was acquired by Florida, USA based Accusoft, Inc after 3 months of discussions and due diligence. We had a vision at edocr.com, but due to various reasons we never reached its full potential, even though we continued to inch our way towards that vision and punch above our weight.

Whilst I might capture most of the limelight, the true heros are those who keep pushing product updates day after day. Asinsala Silva, pictured below, maintained and developed our code base from 2011 to when it was acquired in 2015. Then she helped during the transition.  Today, she is doing a remarkable job at UnifiedVU with Cheran Krishnamoorthy, developing UnifiedVU Platform.


asinsala silva


The opportunity of edocr and UnifiedVU are vastly different. edocr.com was in fact a market place where suppliers met customers through supplier’s white papers, case studies, brochures and other documents. We monetised years after launch and operated in an environment where there were competitive products which were free for our customer, the publishers. It was a tough market as a bootstrapped company, especially given that our business model and pricing plans did not allow us to sell as there was no margin for cost of sales. We tried out best to increase conversion to paid, but we struggled. With the help of John King, we even tried an enterprise proposition, but it required significantly more effort than I or John could provide at that time.


edocr exit party friends


Whilst UnifiedVU is bootstrapped today, its a different business to edocr. It solves a much deeper problem than edocr ever solved. It’s introducing a game changing technology concept to the market, carving its own technology category. Our 10 year vision is to create one window to your business software world. And for the first time, we are introducing virtual integration or integration on-the-fly to the market, complementing those services which thrive on system-to-system data exchange.

If you have not already signed up, come, join our journey, in our effort to increase workforce productivity by removing barriers to real-time information and functionality from your software world for once and for all. After all, we are designing your one user interface and we are inviting you to make it fit you.


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