Since we re-skinned CapsuleCRM in many moons ago, we have been using it extensively to manage our own pipeline including on-boarding our initial trial customers. Today, we released a more advanced version taking trial customer feedback into consideration, and its ready for you to trial and use.

sales pipeline view

The 6 major advancements we brought to fruition are:

  • Display the total value of opportunities for each milestone.
  • Allow opportunities of selected milestones to be filtered by tags.
  • Display expected closing date of an opportunity.
  • Display descriptions of opportunities.
  • Allow the ability to change the closing date of an opportunity
  • Allow the ability to add a note.

Do let us know your thoughts on the latest improvement.

Update – 2016 Apr 12

We updated the CapsuleCRM Milestone App again to improve usability introducing:

  • Click to visit the opportunity in CapsuleCRM
  • Select new closing date from calendar

Hope you like the latest changes.

capsulecrm edit


Manoj Ranaweera

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