We are thrilled to be exhibiting at Business Rocks 2016 on 21st & 22nd April 2016 in Manchester Central, Manchester organised by Jonny Cadden & Co.

business rocks

Having built the Manchester tech ecosystem from 2006 to 2012/13, I’m thrilled to see such a key event been held in my adopted city. Who would have thought that Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak would visit us and deliver the keynote, all thanks to the simply awesome Jonny.

The big plan of Jonny is to create an event similar to SXSW and Dublin’s Web Summit, but with Manchester’s can do attitude. What Jonny has proven is that one man can change history. When everyone says you are nuts, strong self-belief will guide you towards your goal. Well done Jonny – I was one of the early doubters!

UnifiedVU will be exhibiting at Stand 49, sponsored by Manchester Science Park (MSP), with some of our fellow tenant customers. Thank you Anne Dornan and Helen Cross at MSP for the opportunity.

floor plan

Make sure you visit us to find out more about the exciting new technology we are bringing to the market.

Exclusive Offer

Come to stand 49 to learn about how to setup channel strategy for your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business. We have Stewart Townsend, Director of Channels, from Zendesk.

Stewart is an experienced and inspirational Sales Leader with a strong reputation and proven track record for architecting and building go-to-market channels and channel sales teams across EMEA. Stewart creates motivational partnerships on a foundation of trust and belief. Specialise in accelerating time to value by leveraging partnerships and routes-to-market at a sales, programmatic and operational level. Coaching and Teaming is a strength both internally and with partners. Customer focused, with a solid understanding of drivers for IT decision makers Influencer of change, moving businesses from current to future state through controlled evolution.

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First Roller Banner

I’ve received delivery of UnifiedVU’s first roller banner, designed by Chamara Peiris. The design is inspired by Intercom.io and I hope it will help most prospects to quickly grasp the problem we solve today, in our 10-year plan to build one User Interface for consuming all your business software.

UnifiedVU roller banner

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