We are thrilled to announce that Pipedrive just added us as an integration partner, having trialled our solution, which allows SaaS web apps such as Xero and Zendesk to be unified, or virtually integrated on UnifiedVU Platform with Pipedrive.


Pipedrive is the third SaaS provider to list us, having previously been listed by CapsuleCRM and MailChimp. When you select a customer on Pipedrive App on UnifiedVU Platform, you can view the associated invoices on Xero (paid, due and overdue), tickets on Zendesk, email campaigns of MailChimp (sent, opened and clicked) and statutory financial details on Companies House (for UK companies only), location on Google Map, your tweets with the customer on Twitter and identify social profiles on FullContact.

pipedrive unified view

As we continue to roll out more Apps as we learn from our customers, the value we deliver will continue to increase. For the next stage of these applications, we are planning to display sales information and functionality on Pipedrive when you select customers on Xero, Zendesk and others, e.g:

  • List overdue invoices on Xero. Once the invoice is selected, display the associated tickets on Zendesk which might clarify why the payments have been delayed. This might be confirmed by the unsubscription shown on MailChimp. At the same time, display associated customer sales information on Pipedrive which might display churn. Then update Xero invoice (e.g. cancel) on Xero.


Whether you are in financial, sales or account management roles, you would be able to access above. We are planning to extend above to help you identify potential churn so that you could continue to grow revenues and overcome bottlenecks.

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