Later in July 2016, we launched our developer partner programme without any fanfare. Initially, we had three interested parties, amongst them, CanUMeet stood out as a potential partner.

schedule meetings

How it all Started?

Recently, I was invited to join a number of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) groups, among them was SaaS Growth Hacks Group administered by Aaron Krall of Cliq Marketing. On 29th July, Nishant Sharma introduced his new tech startup, CanUMeet. I reached out to him suggesting he build few CanUMeet Apps on UnifiedVU Platform. He rose to the challenge and as they say, “rest is history”. Not just Nishant and his co-founder built the prototype in a week, they actually delivered the full working App.

What is CanUMeet?

Founded in April 2016, CanUMeet was setup to address a problem founders have come across. According to their blog in April,

“A friend of mine, Samantha (name changed for privacy), works in marketing and whenever we sit down for a drink she keeps whining about how difficult it can be to schedule appointments for demonstrations. Similarly, there are several people who keep struggling to schedule interviews, arrange events and even simple things like scheduling their tuition classes. Even with all the great artificially intelligent tools, giving prospective customers the freedom to choose from a set of slot when you are free and book appointments can be a pain. 

canumeet scheduling

What’s so exciting about CanUMeet on UnifiedVU Platform?

The challenge we took on was…

#WhatIF you could find out the availability of a prospect and book a meeting without going through the gate keeper?

How many times have you tried to book an appointment with a customer, supplier or a stakeholder and struggled to find a mutually convenient time? Of course, getting through the gate keeper is the first hurdle, but assuming you have managed to, it’s still not a simple task.

But what if there is a painless way to do this? And this is what we jointly tried to solve.


canumeet with any crm


On UnifiedVU Platform, you can select your customer, supplier or a stakeholder on a Contact App (e.g. Salesforce, SugarCRM, CapsuleCRM, Pipedrive, MailChimp and others) and immediately see their availability on the adjacent CanUMeet App.

Of course, for this to work, both parties need to use CanUMeet. As CanUMeet grow, with a bit of help from us, the ability to do this will increase. Since we shifted from Calendly to CanUMeet, we have seen how quickly our community has switched to CanUMeet, even before we officially announced the availability of CanUMeet on UnifiedVU Platform.

Any of our customers and prospects can simply book a time slot with us through UnifiedVU Platform without leaving their work spaces.

What’s next with CanUMeet?

We have already started discussing what to build next. Among these is providing 360º view of those who book appointments with you. Watch the space as we continue to work with Nishant and his team.



Manoj Ranaweera

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