Are you one of those marketers who is obsessed with the detail like me? Do you go beyond the simple use case of MailChimp (i.e. mass emailing) to analysing who opened or a clicked a particular campaign? Do you download CSV files from MailChimp for analysis? If you do, our latest MailChimp App (MailChimp Campaign Analysis) might be of interest to you.

Before you start, I must warn you that this solution will not work for very large lists. We’ve tested against our master list which hovers around 7000 contacts. So, if your list is 5,000 or so, this could be of interest.


mailchimp campaign analysis

mailchimp campaign analysis

To trial, first add MailChimp Campaign Analysis, MailChimp Contact Analysis and your CRM Contacts Apps to a Page on a new or existing Space. Its not mandatory to add the CRM Contacts App. Then sync MailChimp Contacts Analysis App with your MailChimp credentials.

Once sync’d, choose a Campaign you would like to analyse from MailChimp Campaign Analysis App (first App on left). It will immediately show a donut displaying sent, opened and clicked contacts. Then select either Opened or Clicked option from the Action selector.

App will start to read data from MailChimp 100 records at a time. It will advise the status as the search continues and will automatically adjust pagination.

Now select any displayed contact. Adjacent MailChimp Contact Analysis App will immediately display how the contact responded to all your marketing campaigns.

If CRM Contacts App is present, it will display the contact’s details.


MailChimp Detailed Analysis

MailChimp Detailed Analysis

You don’t need to stop there. You can continue to add other Apps which makes sense to your workflows.

Let’s say based on the results, you would like to make an appointment to call the contact, who might be a prospect, existing customer, supplier or a stakeholder. Just add CanUMeet App and select a time to suit you. CanUMeet is a new service, similar to Calendly which is quickly gaining traction. As more people starts using CanUMeet, it will become easier to book meetings.

What if its an existing customer? Add Help Desk App, in this case, Zendesk to analyse support tickets.

There is no real limit to this. Ideal for small lists and specially when targeting or communicating with high value customers.

You could also use these two MailChimp Apps to detect potential churn or detect ready to buy signals.

We’ve also discovered that Campaigns which had an A/B test element might not work well. If you generate a campaign from blog post, MailChimp Campaign Analysis App will not detect them. But MailChimp Contacts Analysis App should work.

As always, very keen to hear what you think?

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  • What would work really well here would be to combine the grouping or tagging you might have in your CRM (whichever one you use) with the analysis. So instead of having to wade through all the people you’ve emailed (some of which will be high value prospects or clients, but many of which won’t) you can focus your time on the high value ones.

    I don’t know the technical side of how to do this myself, but what you could do is select a subset of contacts base don them being tagged (or grouped or otherwise marked) as high value or “A category” in your CRM and just look at the data for them.

    Hopefully Manoj can tell us how 🙂

    • Great comment @ianbrodie:disqus. The two apps allow us to analyse MailChimp from two fronts, one of these being sales contacts lists.

      As an example, the image below shows a list of high value targets, which could originate from any target list, either from a CRM or even from a Google Sheet. Once you select the contact, it will display how the individual has responded to all the campaigns he or she was part of. This also works well if you target multiple decision makers within the same company. You could easily find out the most engaging person and reach out to her/him, who could eventually become the internal sponsor for you.

      Then you can add other apps to understand more about how the contact has engaged with you in the past, e.g. finance app could show past purchase behaviour.

      The new App (MailChimp Campaign Analysis) is designed to do the opposite. Lets say 100 people clicked on the last campaign. You can quickly see who these are then focus on a number of individuals on exception basis. E.g. One of those who clicked the last campaign was an old friend who did not engaged with us during the last 6 months but have suddenly opened and clicked few links on the campaign. He fits the persona of resellers we are after. Thanks to the App, now I plan to reach out to him.

      Hope this gives a glimpse into what is possible.


    What a great idea. Integration with Salesforce or SalesforceIQ would enable you to target the army of SMBs who are baulking at spending money on Pardot or Exact Target to get this sort of information

    • Thanks @elementscloud:disqus Have not realised this cost saving opportunity. Thanks for bringing to our attention. We will have this enabled for Salesforce next.

  • mfssharma

    It will really helpful and save lot of time and make customer outreach in just 1 click!

  • Bhanuka Harischandra

    This is pretty neat stuff. Can you cross reference mailchimp segments onto purchase activity in a CRM?

    • Thanks for the great query @bhanukaharischandra:disqus.

      At present, MailChimp Campaign Analysis App use Campaigns to bring results. If you had a segment (e.g list of Pipedrive customers), then any campaign sent to this list can be analysed. However, if you send the campaign to the full list which has a segment for Pipedrive Customers, then we cannot analyse just those results. In this case its best to send as two campaigns – one to just Pipedrive customers and the other to everyone excluding Pipedrive customers.

      On the CRM end, you could have a list of Pipedrive Customers. Then you could analyse how they responded to campaign using MailChimp Contacts Analysis App. At the same time, adjacent finance app could display accounts received. This is already available.

      And the same process could be repeated for other Email Service Providers (ESP). Of course, what can be easily achieved depends on the flexibility of the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

  • Manik Gunawardana

    Seems like an awesome product, I like the Can you meet function and the Zend desk integration. I have one question though, when a campaign is sent you get the report related to that specific email campaign, but do you thing it has enough data to process all these information about the customers? Like if that person is a potential buyer or not. You might have very few call to actions in an email.

    • Thanks @manikgunawardana:disqus. From MailChimp, we are only picking up the email address of the recipient. The information about the individual is scattered across many software, such as sales (CRM), emails, documents, help desk, etc. What we are doing is pulling them together into one single screen. And then you need to make the appropriate decision and initiate the subsequent action. On CRM end, you might tag the prospect as Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) or even Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). Or may be the campaign was only sent to MQL list. Many ways to use.