We recently collaborated with Jaku Media to create our very first social video. The video illustrate how UnifiedVU increase organisational productivity by bringing data and functionality from all your software.


Jan Kužel of Jaku Media commented on the collaboration,

“We scheduled a call with UnifiedVU team, where they demoed the product for us and showed us various possibilities of what UnifiedVU can do. From that we got a pretty good idea about it and wanted to highlight the unique selling point of it – the fact that it is not just a passive dashboard.

We started from infographic illustration on UnifiedVU’s website and reworked the idea, comparing the experience of working on an internet browser with and without the product.

It displays the frustrations of having to change between multiple browser tabs and not being able to customize the views of apps to one’s liking.

As a social video, we wanted to get the point across in a very straight forward fashion, hence the dynamic timing and very simple design. The role of this social video is to explain the product visually, in a small window, within 30 seconds and without using a voice over as these are the conditions under which video on social media is being watched.

UnifiedVU team as a client was very hands-on, quickly available to our questions and good communicators. In business these characteristics are on a less-common side and are very appreciated. We will be happy to work together in future again.”

Manoj Ranaweera from UnifiedVU commented,

“We had pleasure working with Jan and his team, and they quickly understood the problem UnifiedVU Platform solves. In creating the social video, they focused on four business cloud apps, these being: CRM, email, support and finance featuring Pipedrive, MailChimp, Zendesk and Xero.

The video truly captures the essence of what UnifiedVU is in a way, we ourselves struggled to simplify. We thank Jan and his team for a great result and happy to recommend to our friends, customers and partners without any hesitation”

We love to hear your thoughts on the video. Does it convey what UnifiedVU Platform is? Do you understand the potential value? Do you think you have the problem it highlights? Want to trial?

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Manoj Ranaweera

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